25 February 2015

Donate to Veterans and keep your money local

Senior is on the right
Some may or may not know that a huge part of my life is dedicated to helping Veterans, for me it is a family tradition.  My father George F Matheis Sr is the President of Rolling Thunder Chapter 3 NJ.  I am currently the Vice President of the American Legion Riders Post 543.  What these organizations as well as the VFW and very few others have in common is that every dime we take in goes to the Veterans and not to administrative cost such is the issue with the Wounded Warrior Foundation.  WWF is also anti 2nd Amendment.  If you are going to donate your hard earned money and want it to go to your local Veterans donate your your local American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, or Rolling Thunder Chapter.  Better join one of these service organizations and give back to those who gave for you.  God Bless America.

23 February 2015

A pen in the hand is worth more than an illegal knife in the pocket

Fella on BF was looking for advise on the best $20 knife to carry for defense in NY.  My response-

I know it throws water on a lot of fantasies but I would go with a good pen and a good flashlight.  It all comes down to selection, carry, deployment, and use.  Everyone here is talking about their advice on cheap knives to carry to defend yourself..  When it comes to carry everyone is talking about how the laws in your area restrict what you can carry.  Get by all that you you would need to have the time and opportunity to deploy a knife during an altercation.  Most "normal" people cannot dedicate to throwing a full force punch much less cutting or stabbing someone.  Impact weapons because they attack the Central Nervous System and Structural System are faster at shutting down and attacker.  When it comes to tools, lay a foundation of carrying things that you can carry anywhere like pens, not only that they have an obvious use also because you can carry them in your hand.  They are really just  allow a mechanical advantage to what you can do with your hands.  They are also low on the force continuum allowing you to use them much earlier in an altercation than a deadly force option such as a knife or a a gun.  Being confident, secure, and determined with a pen or light in your hand is more beneficial than having a knife in your pocket that you are worried about the legality of carrying.- George

17 February 2015

Full Integration of Combative Skills Within 7 Yards Terre Haute IN 25/26 APR 2015

Full Integration of Combative Skills Within 7 Yards

The 7 X 7 Personal Protection Course is an intensive two day course designed to provide the attendee with an integrated skill set to manage interpersonal violence using open hand combatives, impact weapons, edged weapons, and handguns.  This 2 Day course is MCS from the ground up and includes-

Day 1 AM- Spontaneous Attack Survival
Day 1 PM- Inverted Edge Tactics
Day 2 AM- Combative Pistol
Day 2 PM- Vehicle Tactics

25-26 APR 2015

9 AM-5 PM

Riley Conservation Club

6301 East Gross Road
Terre Haute, IN 47802


(includes range fees)
9 AM-5 PM
Registration required by 15MAR15.  Call 717-889-1753 or e-mail us  to register.

No live firearms or previous training is required

Citizens should be able to carry any and all weapons they wish

It should come as no surprise that I don't believe in any kind of arms control over Citizens. That means anyone over 18 years of age, without a felony conviction, and without a dishonorable discharge. "What could happen" is not a reason not to allow them to carry guns, knives, samurai, slung shots, sling shots, knuckles or whatever. The mere carrying of a weapon in public should not be a crime. If you use a weapon and the use is investigated and you are found to be in violation then you should be punished. Even though I choose to carry a firearm, those who do not or cannot afford one should not give up their ability to defend themselves. Most weapons laws, especially those that cover edged and impact weapons are very archaic and were written in reaction to the public perception of who carried them at the time. Like all weapons laws they only work on the Citizen, not the criminal. Self defense is a God given right and should not be infringed upon by local, state, or federal government who admits and demonstrates day in and day out that they cannot and will not protect the citizenry at large. You can never trust a person, group, entity, or government that wants to remove your right to own something you need to do for yourself what they cannot.

10 February 2015

Wholesale Mercharnesses and Tactical Tethers

Opening up our wholesale pricing to all dealers, collectors, and makers.  A Tec Lock is approximately $13 and then you need to take the time to mount it to the sheath.  For $9 you can get both a Mercharness and a Tactical Tether.  Two inexpensive carry / deployment options that require no extra work on your part.  Any maker or collector that orders will also be mentioned on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook page.


08 February 2015

The Original Mercharness

The Original Mercharness can be used to carry virtually anything that has rivets.  Unlike neck carry, the mercharness does not allow your knife to pendulum and swing around when you are bent over.  It is always in the same spot.  You will forget you are wearing it until you need it.


MCS Muga Samurai T-Shirt

This is our latest t-shirt, get yours today to show how you feel about training.  High quality pre-shrunk cotton.